Dandruff is a skin disorder common to both adults and children. When we have dandruff, we feel uncomfortable because of the itchiness of our scalp. We are also embarrassed and if necessary, we avoid wearing dark t-shirts because we are afraid of the white flakes which will fall in our clothes. Hence, we need not to worry so much because dandruff can be controlled and treated if we just follow the right way to remove it. One of these is the anti –dandruff shampoos that can treat and control our skin condition especially the flakes in our scalp.

There are any kinds of dandruff shampoos that are known to treat and control dandruff. One of these is the popular Head and shoulders shampoo .It is known to remove itchiness and severe scalp problems.  Individuals with psoriasis use this kind of shampoo and find relief. So, don’t skip a day without using Head and shoulders or the flakes will start building up and itchiness starts. Next is the Garnier shampoo. It is a great help to those who suffer from dandruff because it gives fullness to your hair aside from being gentle and effective one. It is also proven to rehydrate hair and with great scent. Therefore, don’t miss buying Garnier shampoo for the whole family to keep hair clean and healthy. Another is the Herbal Essences dandruff shampoo which has fruity and fresh scent. It keeps the hair moisturized and dandruff is under control. It will also get rid of the itchiness making your hair soft, nice, shiny and manageable. It is doing a good job to your hair without harshly stripping it. Aveda shampoo is another anti-dandruff shampoo used by many people to control their dandruff. Aveda shampoo can make hair healthy, squeaky clean, shiny and fresh. It is light on hair and keeps itchiness away. Pantene Pro-V anti dandruff shampoo is also popular for its results on hair. It has zinc pyrithione that helps to remove itchiness on scalp. Aside from its awesome smell, it makes hair soft and healthy.  Another shampoo proven to be effective is the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo. This is more expensive compared to other shampoos but nice to hair because it has tea tree oil that can remove itchiness and will take good care of your scalp. It can rehydrate scalp, prevent dryness making hair soft and shiny.

Hence, it is still very important for us to be aware of what causes our dandruff to buy the correct anti dandruff shampoo needed to treat our hair properly and remove dandruff. If we have allergy, or when the weather is cold or hot we know what is the proper treatment of our dandruff. We should always be concern and have knowledge if what causes our skin problems and dandruff so that it will be easier for us of what to do or what to buy to treat and control our dandruff. Knowledge is power. If we learn to be conscious of ourselves, we can be sure of being clean and healthy always.


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